Pancake Breakfast April 1st 2017

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 8:44am

Troop 26 is planning a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser to help cover the cost of Summer Camp for our Scouts. The Troop raises funds by selling tickets and also by selling place mat sponsoring to local businessess

LOCAL BUSINESS SPONSORS: This is a huge part of our fundraising effort. We will be organizing groups of Scouts and adult/parent volunteers to visit local businesses in our area on Saturday 3/18. For a $25 donation, a local business can have their business card advertisement on our place mats that will be used at our Fundraiser Breakfast. Scouts and Parents are encouraged to visit businesses on their own time if they are unable to go with the groups on March 18th. I will attach a copy of the letter we are using to give to our potential donors to this email. Scouts, please remember to wear your Class A Uniforms, and collect a business card from each business that chooses to sponsor the Troop. Business cards/money will need to be turned in NO LATER than 3/28/17 for us to get the place mats printed in time.

TICKETS : Each Scout will soon receive a packet of tickets to sell (10 Adult and 5 Child tickets).  We hope to make this fundraiser a very successful one, and every ticket sale is a big help. Please see one of the adult leaders at a weekly meeting if you need more tickets. We will also have complimentary tickets to hand out to the local businesses that sponsor our fundraiser.

Troop 26 Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Saturday, April 1st

United Church of Christ, 1 Precinct St., Lakeville


Adults, $5 Children (10 and under), $3

Parent, Scout and leader volunteers will be needed to help set-up, cook, greet guests, serve, clean-up......sign up sheet will be available at the next weekly meeting.

NOTE: If you are planning to attend Summer Camp at Cachalot this summer, it is required that you (Scout and Parent) participate in this fundraiser in order for you to get credit towards the cost of camp. Either by collecting business cards from local sponsors, OR by signing up to help at the breakfast if you are unable to do both.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this fundraiser, whether or not you are planning to go to Summer Camp. The costs of camp are rising every year and we want all of our Scouts to have the opportunity to attend.


Upcoming Meetings !

Posted on Mar 16 2017 - 8:41am


21st - Swimming Requirments : $3.00 Payment given to lifeguard at pool

28th - Troop/Patrol Activities with Cruz


4th - Activites with Matt

11th - Activities with Ethan

18th - Spring Cleanup (?)

25th - Activities with Jacob

Summer Camp At Camp Cachalot

Posted on Mar 12 2017 - 3:11pm

Start: Jul 23 2017 - 1:00pm

Jul 29 2017 - 9:00am
SE Line Rd, South Carver, MA 02366

April 11: $25 deposit due, non-refundable

May 30: Balance due, $345 each Scout, $310 each additional brother attending same week

July 1: updated BSA med forms A,B,C and copy of health insurance card, due 

July 23-July 29: Summer camp week !

Sign up sheet for summer camp available at the next Troop meeting, March 14

 Summer Camp Dates: Sunday, July 23rd - Saturday, July 29th 2017


For all Scouts interested in attending, there is a $25 deposit (non-refundable) due on Tuesday, April 11th.


The total cost of summer camp is $370. There is a $35 discount for additional brothers attending on the same week. The balance for summer camp ($345 each Scout, $310 each additional brother attending) is due Tuesday, May 30th.

For those eligible/interested, please visit to apply for scholarship opportunity. Go to "Camping and Program" index and choose "Camp Scholarships" from the drop down box to apply.

Medical Forms A, B and C: 

The BSA medical form (see attached) must be signed by your doctor and is required for both Scouts and Adult leaders who will be staying/helping at Camp Cachalot.

Forms can be turned in to Mrs. Stolts, and Scouts/Parents can check with her regarding any missing info. 

If you do not have your complete medical forms (with nothing missing!!) turned in to the Troop by July 1st, we will not accept them and it will be your responsibility to provide your medical forms to Camp Staff. Scouts and Adults will not be allowed to attend Camp without complete medical forms being turned in before Camp week begins. 

A note on medical forms.....please help our volunteers by taking care to fill them out completely and attach all necessary forms, such as immunization records, signatures, and copy of health insurance card. There is a lot of details on these forms that are often missed and won't be accepted by the Camp staff unless they are COMPLETE.

 New Scouts who have recently submitted their completed med forms are all set for summer camp as long as they turned in all of the above.

Parents please note, if you son has any food allergies/ dietary restrictions, you will be responsible for contacting the Camp staff 2 weeks prior to arrival to make arrangements with the kitchen staff for meal planning, etc.

Merit Badge Schedule is not available yet

Arrival/Departure: The scheduled check in time for our Troop is  Sun., July 23rd,  1:00pm at the Camp Cachalot parking lot. The closing ceremony and pick-up is at 9:00am on Sat., July 29th. Please be there promptly at 9:00am to pick up your son and his belongings.

Scouts and Leaders should wear your  bathing suits to the camp, as the swim test will be conducted shortly after our arrival. 

The Troop usually plans an opportunity for Scouts and Leaders to practice the BSA swim test prior to summer camp. Updates to follow.

And finally, please visit for plenty of additional details

 BSA medical forms are attached.


Advancement and Merit Badge Weekend at Cachalot April 28th - 30th 2017

Posted on Mar 3 2017 - 11:56am

Younger Scouts will have the opportunity for Rank advancement .

Older Scouts will have the opportunity to work on a Pioneering Project / Challenge 

Patrol Dutch Oven Cooking

Flag Burning Ceremony  


More details with Sign Up information...Closer to the date.

BSA Troop # 26

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